About Swiss Machining

Swiss machining is often referred to as single point turning.  The raw bar stock material turns much as it would in a lathe to provide superior finishes on tight tolerances.  Swiss type machines are versatile, and with a wide variety of attachments can produce most parts complete making secondary operations unnecessary.



A.M. Swiss offers our customers:

capacity to .750 bar stock in most materials

high precision tolerances

turned finishes to 32 micro inches

multiple turned diameters

long turned diameters up to 3.4

turned tapers and radii

threaded, slotted, drilled, tapped, cross drilled, milled, and knurled parts


Every customer part has its own requirements.  Look to A.M. Swiss to provide all the operations necessary to fabricate your part, on-time, and with repeatable quality.   


Please see our facilities list for a more complete listing of equipment, and for more capabilities.  Secondary equipment and operations are available for parts that can not be produced complete off of our screw machines.

Click on the Word link above to view and or print a facilities list.